Finding Your “Happy” Place

I think a lot of songs get overplayed but that’s because they’re great songs to begin with and people enjoy listening to them.  Time passes by and something new comes along to take it’s place, but when we hear that old song, we like it all over again!  A favorite of mine from a few years ago was “Happy” by Pharrell Williams.  It was contagious!!

Some of my favorite “happy” places are spending time with God, a hot cup of coffee, road trips, great music and conversation that matters.

So what is your “happy” place?  You should go there often.



4 thoughts on “Finding Your “Happy” Place

    1. Hey Betsy, I loved the montage especially the dancing teacher near the end with the yellow shirt and baseball cap! Thanks for sharing. Honestly I never get tired of hearing that song and I always end up dancing before it’s over.

  1. I love this song, & my happy place besides being with my grandkids is
    the BEACH! I have no care I the world there.i

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