On Being Different- The Bruce Jenner Interview

First let me start by saying that I am not a fan of reality TV.  I don’t try to keep up with The Kardashians.  But I have lived long enough to remember the great athlete Bruce Jenner.  What a handsome guy he was back then; a real heart throb!  He appears to have been raised in the “right kind” of family under the best of circumstances; you know like the Cleavers.  You have the attractive stay at home mom raising her four children who is married to a hard working, middle class man.  You have siblings to grow up with and to have fun with. There is no blended family or extended family here.  There’s church on Sunday mornings, home movies, great family vacations, dinner together in the evenings; all of the trappings of what appear to be the “perfect” family life.  There is also present all of the love, support and encouragement that one would need to achieve great things in life.  And Bruce Jenner did just that at an early age.

I will be honest in that I am confused by the term transgender; the condition where one suffers from gender identity confusion.  But I do believe that quality information (not unsubstantiated opinions) is powerful and that’s what this post is about. When a little boy sits in church and looks up at God and asks what his purpose is in life, that’s powerful stuff in my book.  He is confused as to why God made him that way with these yearnings inside to be other than who he is.  Watching this interview made me very sad but grateful that this is one cross that I don’t have to bear.  Words that come to my mind that describe this type of existence are acute loneliness, intense sadness, feeling like an outcast, discrimination, ridicule, hopelessness and suicide.  My heart goes out to those who feel like they don’t fit in or that they’re not ok because they’re different.  I realize that there are scriptures about this type of stuff in the Bible, but I will save some of my “why” questions for God when I see Him. I especially liked the part of the interview with Bruce’s third child, Brandon, and I thought that I would share the link with you.


Please always remember to keep an open mind and an open heart towards those things that we don’t understand.


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