About Sandy Barlow

BizFBProfilePicSandy Barlow resides in Virginia Beach, Virginia and is the mother of two fantastic children.  She also has two beautiful granddaughters, Chloe and Hannah, one Chesapeake Bay Retriever granddog named Macon and two grandkitties, Kit Kat and Oliver.  Sandy’s professional background includes commercial insurance, certified garbologist-dumpster diver-waste management, property manager/realtor and small business ownership.  Her educational background includes the “school of life” where she continues to be enrolled and is an active participant.  Her goal is to live a life of excellence and to lead by example.  Sandy has always been committed to self awareness, personal development and growing her faith.  She is well qualified to speak on a variety of subjects based on her own real life experiences.  Her passion is people. She enjoys “talk therapy”, coaching and motivating others to achieve their goals and to reach their highest potential.  Her desire is to leave a footprint wherever she goes.  In her leisure time, Sandy enjoys hunting sea glass and sharks teeth, bicycling, enjoying the Virginia Beach oceanfront, crafting, road trips and travel, visiting independent coffee shops, listening to great music and spending time with family and friends. 

So What is a People Whisperer Anyway?

It was the fall of 2009, I had just sold my little coffee cafe’ and was trying to figure out what my next career move would be.  I was sitting on the beach reading a book by Dan Miller called “No More Mondays” when I had my “aha” moment!  The book described a new opportunity that would increase in popularity over the coming years known as “people whispering” in which a certain skill set would be utilized when communicating with people.  This appeared to be just the opportunity that I was looking for.

I especially like this definition of a people whisperer from the book “Secrets of the People Whisperer” by Perry Wood.

A “people whisperer” uses a technique in which they “hold the space”.  That means that they listen to someone by being totally present; it means giving their heart, love and full attention to the other person.  This allows the other person all the room they need to express themselves.  The “people whisperer” creates a peaceful and safe environment where the other person can express whatever they need to express or say whatever they need to say. 

Other characteristics of a “people whisperer” include:

  • People Whisperers are highly skilled communicators who enhance communication and build relationships.
  • People Whisperers truly understand other people.
  • People Whisperers are aware of what they and other people are communicating on many levels; mentally, verbally, physically and spiritually.
  • People Whisperers are adept at interacting with kindness, understanding, power and subtlety.
  • People Whisperers do not judge.  They are noble, quick-witted and very powerful.  They sense true intentions, integrity and have an innate sense of justice.
  • People Whisperers have the ability to move others.

To be honest, I am not a fan of the title “people whisperer” because it seems a little “out there” to me but since I am not a trained therapist or counselor but believe that I am gifted in certain areas of communication, I choose to utilize that title for now.