Dealing with Distractions- Part 1


I have been having an extremely hard time lately staying focused and accomplishing many of the things that I want and need to do.  This morning during my “quiet” time I was listening to Joyce Meyer sermons on Dealing with Distractions.  The devil of course chose jet noise to distract me and they were flying so low it seemed like they would tear the roof off of the house.  But the devil did not win; I kept my peace and ignored him until he went away.  Satan uses distractions to keep us out of God’s will for our life.  Because of the type of work that I do, I generally only have one day off at a time each week during the vacation season.  I stress myself out trying to cram everything into that one day.  If we want to eat healthy, we have to shop for and prepare healthy food.  If we want a tidy home, we have to clean it.  If we want our yard to look nice, we have to mow it.  If we want to maintain and develop new relationships, we have to make time for that.  If we want to exercise, that takes time too.  I don’t know who invented weekends but they were really onto something.  We need at least two days back to back to accomplish things, to relax and to recharge.  Satan likes to keep our mind so busy and focused on other more negative things that we can’t move forward with the things that are important and positive that we need to do. My mind constantly wanders to family and friends who are going through difficult times. I keep trying to figure out how I can help them.  But the truth is I can’t; only God can.  So the solution to that should be easy; do what I can, pray and let God help them.  I worry too much about finances, mine and other peoples; when the truth is I am richly blessed.  God’s grace, mercy and abundance have always been available to me the same as with everyone else; all they have to do is ask and receive.  I have never been so important that I needed to be “on call” 24/7.  My children would probably be excited if I went missing because that would mean that I was having fun and enjoying my life.  To take it one step further, they would probably be even more excited if I were doing it with a fine, handsome man somewhere.  So in an attempt to stay more focused, I don’t check my e-mails as often.  I rarely turn the TV on anymore; I listen to great music.  Sometimes I mute my phone or leave it at home altogether when I’m reading or taking a walk. Since my days off vary, I have stopped telling people when I have days off.  I am trying to stay off of the phone for hours counseling and consoling people who are not willing to do the hard work to help themselves and improve the quality of their life.  I am trying to set limits on the amount of time that I spend with toxic, negative people.  Oh, about texting…it is convenience, fun and I love using emoticons to express myself but now that “I am writing for a living” (visualize=actualize or fake it until you make it!), I want to talk to you and not always write to you.  These changes that I am making are very difficult because I love people and I always want to help if I can.  But I realize that I also have to love myself in healthy ways and set some boundaries.  The way I see it, a lot of people I know are close to retirement age or have already done so.  I believe that I still have a whole other career inside of me.  I don’t have time to waste anymore figuring this stuff out; I have to live an action oriented life.  Where is your mind wandering?  Are you allowing Satan to distract you and to steal your joy?

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  1. Great thoughts and so many of the points made are my concerns as well. Life does have so many distractions which can take us off a more positive and productive life!

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