So What Is a People Whisperer Anyway?

A people whisperer uses a technique in which they “hold the space”. This means that they listen to someone by being totally present. It means giving their heart, love and full attention to the other person. A people whisperer creates a peaceful and safe environment where the other person can express whatever they need to express or say whatever they need to say. People whisperers have  the ability to truly understand other people. They possess an awareness of what other people are communicating on many levels~ mentally, verbally, physically and spiritually. They are noble, quick-witted and very powerful. They sense true intentions, integrity and have an innate sense of justice. People whisperers have the ability to move others.

It was the fall of 2009 and I was sitting on the beach reading a book called “No More Mondays” by Dan MillerAlways an entrepreneur at heart, I was seeking inspiration for my next great adventure. This book described a new opportunity known as “people whispering”. The name people whisperer seemed a little “out there” to me, but I was familiar with the dog whisperer and the horse whisperer, so I decided to give it a go. Shortly thereafter, I created my blogging website, “LifeSimpleWithThePeopleWhisperer”. It was my platform, my online journal, my lifesaver. I had a two-fold goal in mind back then and I still do now. That goal is to spread optimism and silver linings one blog at a time, and to give voice to my true, authentic self.

A barista is much like a bartender, and since I frequently refer to  myself as a coffee cup counselor, this was my “aha” moment.

I truly believe that God has gifted me for this work. 

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