Marcia & Al- 44 Years- The Secret to Their Marital Bliss


When asked the secret of Marcia and Al’s longtime marriage success, Marcia’s answer was pure and simple.  They have lived on love for all of these years.

She told of the time when they were first married and rented a small, modest home, nothing fancy.  She said the two of them were happy just being together.  Not much has changed since then as they still enjoy sitting for hours on their back porch talking.  They have a lot in common and enjoy spending time together.  

Marcia believes that vacations are nice, but they don’t have to go away to find happiness.  Everything they want and need is in their own backyard.  

Marcia spoke of Al’s devotion during the time when she was seriously ill in the hospital.  Al never left her side; in fact he slept in a “pink” chair for 14 days.  Truly an example of “in sickness and in health”. 

Marcia believes that hard times should bring couples closer together, not tear them apart.  Like many couples, Marcia and Al have experienced their share of heartaches and life challenges.  The willingness to acknowledge and to openly share their need for each other, however, is another secret to their success.  

The final ingredient to their marital bliss, the most important one, is their faith in God.

Congratulations Marcia & Al on 44 years of a lovely life together!

I couldn’t think of a more fitting song for the two of you.   

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