Time…tick tock tick tock

Soon we will “spring forward” into daylight savings time.  It will seem like the days are longer, but the amount of time we actually have will stay the same.

Time is more precious than gold.  We all have the same amount of time, but we each value and use it differently.  The older we get, the more we appreciate time because we finally understand that time waits for no one and we can’t unwind the clock.

Time…we have plenty of it, so what’s the hurry we ask?  Procrastination can rob us of the precious time we have left.

Spring is a time of renewal…a time to reconsider some of these familiar time wasting thoughts.

  • When I lose the weight and get in shape- how long have we been working on this one?
  • When I break that addiction or bad habit- how long have we been putting this off?
  • When I end that toxic relationship- trust me, if we don’t end it, it probably won’t end.
  • When “they” apologize- we could be the first one to say “I’m sorry” and get on with our life.
  • When the kids are out of school or leave home- our society today is full of kids who fail to launch because they have it too good at home.
  • When I pay down that debt- there will probably be more debt when that one is gone.
  • When my health improves- the truth is, it may not.
  • When we save until we have “enough”- how much is really enough?  The cemetery is full of people who were trying to have “enough”.
  • When I retire- most people are so “busy” post retirement that they can’t figure out how they ever found time to work.
  • When my ship comes in or I win the lottery- a friend once told me that when my ship comes in, I’d be waiting at the airport.

A couple of things to consider that could be holding us back…

  • Fear- maybe we could try stepping out in faith more.
  • Laziness- let’s admit it, some of us just are.
  • Lack of ambition- some of us have lost it or never had too much of it to begin with.

Yes, Spring is a time of renewal and maybe it’s time for us to scratch a few things off of our bucket list- as Tim McGraw says, “live like you are dying”.  Get a degree- it’s never too late, especially with the convenience of online classes or try a new hobby- don’t just “pin” it, do it. The possibilities for NOW are endless.

Tick tock tick tock…




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