A “Weighty” Matter

Do you feel like the scales are your BFF as long as you’re eating healthy and losing weight but as soon as you stop, they become your nemesis…your worst enemy? The truth of the “weighty” matter is…the truth hurts and that’s why we hate.

I finally had the courage to step back on the scales this morning after several months of unrestrained eating to see how much damage I had done.  They say that beach bodies are made in the wintertime…damn that comfort food, cold temps and gray dreary days! A lot of us are yearning for warm weather by now.

It takes the right “head space” to confront the weight issue and a lot of courage to step back on the scales after being absent for a while.  I’ve never been motivated by “ready, set, go” it’s crunch time or depended on a gym membership or the latest weight loss program to motivate me.  I once joined the local recreation center seeking motivation and I never went beyond the sign up desk at the front door.  My mind has to be ready or I’m doomed to failure.

I decided to approach my nemesis this morning by weighing three consecutive times…the first time was to “wake up” the scales to let them know that I was back. The second and third times were to make sure the scales were accurate; that the number I was seeing was correct.  I decided to go with the two out of three number because sometimes they vary by an ounce or two.  Surprise, surprise…the number was big BUT not as big as I thought it would be.

The truth of the weighty matter is, we really don’t need the scales at all to tell us how we’re doing.  The true story is told by our wardrobe; how well we are able to fit into our clothes (or not) and my wardrobe has been screaming at me lately loud and clear.

There are tens of reasons we can give for how we’ve arrived at this place once again, but beating ourselves up is a waste of time.  The last weight I logged on my Fitbit was dated October 20th.  I also logged a day of steps on November 20th totaling 1470.  My goal at that time was to walk at least 8-10k steps per day several times a week.  Obviously my mind was still willing but my flesh was getting weak and I’ve been going rogue ever since!

The proper response for me now is to remember what I was doing to get where I was when I stopped which was really not that long ago.  I had lost 27 lbs. in just a few months by changing my diet but I had plateaued and realized that exercise would have to be factored in if I wanted to reach my total weight loss goal.  

I really enjoy eating healthy foods in spite of my occasional binges on unhealthy carbs.  I achieved that weight loss progress by tracking my food daily, allowing myself “cheat” meals on the weekend, eliminating refined sugar (sweets) completely and limiting fast food to occasionally.  I never felt deprived and it wasn’t a struggle to get that far.

We used to have a saying in a 12-step program that I once belonged to…”it works if you work it and give a lot of love”.  Well guess what?  It still works if you work it. 

Below is one of my favorite “healthy” breakfasts that you may like to check out…very filling…sinfully delicious!

2 toasted whole wheat Eggo Nutri Grain waffles

Crazy Richard’s natural peanut butter

½ banana

So are you “beach body” ready yet?



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