Did You Know?

That God can help you fix your coffee maker? Help you find your car keys? Get you a parking space close to the front door in a busy parking lot? Send a snowstorm when we need a time-out? 

Yes He can.

Wednesday morning by 9:30 I had had a meltdown at work. Too much coming at me fast! It felt like I was drinking from a fire hose. I was officially on overload…morning meeting, responsibility at two offices, scheduling conflicts, learning curve, frustration. It was a lot, especially if you factor in the holidays. I needed a guilt-free break from it all and God sent a blizzard…a major snowstorm just for me. That’s how He operates in my world and He knew just what I needed. 

My childlike faith allows me to view circumstances this way, just like my granddaughter who was born on New Year’s Day. She believes that the party in Times Square is to celebrate her birthday; that along with the cake and sparkling juice that her family shares when the clock strikes midnight. It has become their birthday-New Year tradition.

Snowstorms give us permission to settle in, to yield to the beauty all around us. One of my fondest snowstorm memories is from years ago when we lived in a farmhouse in the middle of a cornfield. We had a copy and it was the perfect day to watch the movie “Little Women”. I oftentimes think of that day when it snows.  

Some view snow as a nuisance and not the beautiful gift that it is. The old timers used to say that we need a good snow every winter to cleanse the germs and impurities from the air. Snow is a reminder to me that there is something greater than we are out there; that we need to slow down and just enjoy the gift.

I was one of the fortunate ones in that I had a roof over my head, food in my pantry, warmth and electricity. It was a great day for napping, movie watching and doing a few home projects, including figuring out how to use my new Keurig adapter. There were many people who were not so fortunate however. That’s when I see God’s grace and mercy at work in my life and I realize how blessed I am in spite of my complaining. 

Yesterday was a peaceful respite from my busy day. I would be lying, however, if I didn’t admit that by last night a little cabin fever had set in. I was very tempted to brave the elements and walk to the corner store for chocolate, especially after my neighbor posted a tray of fresh baked cookies on Facebook.

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