New Things!


I’m believing God for a new sofa…a brand new sofa in a nice beachy color like my front door that I painted last summer; it’s called “a hint of cherry” or maybe I’d like a yellow or teal blue one. 


Did you ever see The Big Bang Theory episode where Penny found a “great” chair at the curbing?  After hauling it up several flights of stairs to her apartment, she discovered that it had a mouse living in it!  I don’t want a sofa like that.  I want a brand new sofa with beachy cool throw pillows that will complement my gigantic mermaid painting…more on that later.

The sofa that I currently have is pretty awesome!  I’ve actually referred to it as my “friend” because it’s one of those soft, comfy kind of sofas that wraps itself around you when you sit or lie down on it.  If you remove the back cushions, it also doubles nicely as a twin bed.  I love it so much that I had it custom reupholstered a few years ago.  I could have bought a brand new sofa for what it cost me to do that but it still had “good bones” and it was worth it to me at the time; besides it was fun picking out the fabric!  It went from a buttery pale yellow with tiny sage stripes to a floral print…but wow is “she” really starting to show her age now!  In fact the seat cushions are so ragged and worn that I cover them up with a cotton throw.

Since there never seems to be enough money leftover in my budget, I’m believing God for a new sofa!  I’ve decided to do as the positive thinkers do…”visualize” it until I “actualize” it.  For inspiration I even moved my gigantic (6’ x 8’) mermaid painting into the living room last weekend to welcome it.


The mermaid painting and how she came to be is a whole other story!  A few years ago someone left her behind at one of our beach houses when they moved out and she eventually made her way to our office.  She was supposedly painted by a cancer survivor; possibly by the name of Toni as the name in the lower left corner implies.  We really didn’t know what to do with it at the time so my manager decided to raffle the painting off and donate the money to charity.  The only problem was no one wanted her… except me…so people started buying tickets in my name and naturally I won!  I wish you could have seen us getting that eight foot tall painting into my tiny little house with the nine foot ceilings!  I think she’s going to be a nice addition to the room however once my new sofa arrives.

It’s great to have hope and a sense of humor and to believe for new things; it gets us through the hard times!  My last blog was about positive expectations for the New Year.  Today I challenge you to have a little childlike faith; to think outside of the box when it comes to the things that you’d like to receive.  Change things up a bit; clean out that drawer, closet, garage or attic that you’ve been putting off.  Simplify your life.  It’s time to declutter and to color your world with things that lift your spirits and bring you joy!


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