“New Year’s Eve”… All Over Again!


Since tomorrow is my birthday and tonight is the eve of a brand new year for me, I’ve decided to celebrate New Year’s Eve all over again…my very own “personal” goal setting New Year’s Eve!

Last year I wrote a great blog post that in hindsight I should have re-posted on December 31st ; the “official” New Year’s Eve.  Below is the link in case you’re interested.  After reading over it again today, I decided that it’s actually a nice segue into tonight’s blog about goal setting. 


I don’t know about you guys but I’m a fan of setting goals for the New Year and even though we are almost ten days in, it’s never too late.  I believe in fresh starts, new beginnings, do-overs and new things and what better time to refocus than at the start of a brand New Year (or in my case when you turn another year older).  Of course I don’t always achieve my goals but just making them feels right; it says I’m committed to doing better and to being better in the New Year.  Many of us are dreamers including myself but the difference between a goal and a dream is a deadline.  We can’t realize our dreams unless we set some goals to help us get there.  Setting goals is also Biblical; a statement of faith.  The bigger the goal, the greater amount of faith required to achieve it.  Goals focus our energy.  This is an area where I struggle much of the time because I tend to dabble in many things. 


So here are some of my goals for “my” brand New Year…

  • To achieve my weight loss goal by June 1st  
  • To write more frequently
  • To grow my blog and to improve my writing skills by networking with other writers and bloggers
  • To improve my time management skills by moving some of my morning tasks to the night before so I won’t feel so rushed in the mornings i.e. packing lunch, deciding which clothes to wear, putting gas in the car, taking my shower.  I also plan to spend less time on social media, texting and engaging in non-productive phone conversations.
  • To focus my energy more on the things that I want to achieve each day
  • To push the limits and to challenge myself more often
  • To do it…afraid!
  • To feed my mind with quality, useful information
  • To avoid negative people and situations whenever possible
  • To increase and improve my technology skills

So what about you?  Do you believe in making resolutions or setting goals for the New Year?  If so, feel free to share some of them with us.  If you’re not a goal or resolution setter, please feel free to tell us why.








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