Tis the Season…


…for random acts of kindness and these three elves were caught in the act of spreading good holiday cheer.

Elf #1…placed a bucket of goodies on the front porch of their home for the USPS, FedEx and UPS delivery drivers.  The Christmas clock is ticking and these “Santa’s helpers” are working overtime to deliver our holiday packages. While we get to stay inside our warm, cozy houses…many of us still clicking our mousses…these hard working helpers are enjoying some holiday cheer thanks to the thoughtfulness and appreciation of Elf #1!


Elf #2…was exiting a Starbuck’s restroom where I was next in line to go inside. This sweet little elf leaned into me and announced that there was no more toilet tissue.  Starbucks is always bustling and this afternoon busier than usual as holiday shoppers stopped by for their favorite seasonal concoction.  Elf #2 suggested that it may be a while before the workers could service the restroom and she handed me her leftover packet of Kleenex tissues.  You can barely see under the Kleenex logo it says “someone needs one”.  What a kind and considerate gesture from a complete stranger.  Elf #2 reminded me of what it means to have peace, patience and goodwill towards men…in this case women…haha! 


Elf #3…was standing in line at the Dollar Tree store when the thought occurred to her to bless the two young men standing in line behind her.  Unbeknownst to them, she purchased two $5 gift cards.  Can you imagine their disbelief and surprise when she turned around and handed the cards to them?  Who doesn’t feel rich in a Dollar Tree store with five dollars, especially if you are a kid!  Way to be generous Elf #3!


Have you performed or observed any random acts of kindness this holiday season?  If so, please share so that you might inspire others to do the same.



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