It’s time to write about one of my favorite things…a great t-shirt!     T-shirts have been around for a long time and they are as American as apple pie although most of them are made in China and Vietnam.  There are song lyrics written about t-shirts; especially country music ones.  In fact check out Thomas Rhett’s new song titled……..T-Shirt!

It seems like I’ve always had a favorite t-shirt.  There was the white one many years ago with a black raven on the back from the iconic Virginia Beach restaurant “The Raven”.  Another favorite was a navy blue one from “Hooters” in Myrtle Beach that an old boyfriend bought me.  That one ended up being quit a conversation piece when I wore it since mostly guys wore Hooters t-shirts.  Then there was the Oregon Inlet Fishing Center in Nags Head t-shirt where I used to take my children when they were young to watch the fishing boats return to the docks around 4:00 p.m. with their catch of the day.  And then I discovered Life Is Good at the Stop N Shop in OBX which I loved enough to devote an entire blog post to titled “My Love Affair With Jake”.


T-shirts can give you a little insight into the person wearing them. They can convey messages like…I’m into this…I’ve been there, done that…I’ve made a memory… I’ve shared a moment…I support a cause…I’m with stupid!  Do you remember those touristy t-shirts for kids that said “my parents went somewhere and all I got was this stinkin’ t-shirt”?  A quality t-shirt can last for years and it doesn’t matter if they fade out.  T-shirts are so darn versatile too!  They’re great for sleeping in (especially when it’s his and you’re a her), exercising, doing yard work and other household chores (because they’re so doggone comfy especially if they’re 100% cotton) and for their intended use of course, casual wear.

My current t-shirt love affair is with the ones made by two of my favorite ladies Staci and Jenny of 47 Seaglass.  I first discovered 47 Seaglass a couple of years ago at the Seaglass Festival in Virginia Beach.  There were a lot of great vendors at the show that day but I kept coming back to one particular booth where I had my eye on a mermaid t-shirt.  Her tail was made of seaglass and her dainty little arms were up in the air exclaiming “what’s she doing on my beach”?  For those of you who hunt anything (deer, fish, sharks teeth, shells, bargains, relics, seaglass) you know how territorial we can be about our favorite spots, so I just had to have that shirt!  While making my purchase, I was delighted to discover that 47 Seaglass is a locally owned small business.  Staci and Jenny’s passion and enthusiasm for what they do was evident that day and contagious too.  At last count I have five of their awesome t-shirts.  Everywhere I go people comment on them and ask me where I got them; especially my original mermaid favorite “what’s she doing on my beach?”  In addition to being busy, great moms Jenny and Staci love to hunt seaglass when they can and give back to their community.  If you have an opportunity, please check out their website at http://www.47seaglass.com or you can find their t-shirts in various retail outlets along the East Coast.  Staci and Jenny tend to show up at festivals occasionally too!


So, are you a t-shirt fan? If so, please feel free to share about your favorite one and why.   


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  1. Thanks for reminding me why I love t- shirts they are the he perfect comfy casual wear… My favorite t is a life is good from a dear friend ?

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