A Tribute to Mom…by my sister Nell

On Her 78th Birthday-August 2, 2016

(Affectionately known as Mom, Mama, Boo, Betty Boop, Namo, Brown Namo and Elmo)

 In the words of my beloved mother-in-law…“give me roses while I can enjoy them. Don’t wait until I am gone.”  


So Mom, here are your “roses”….

You were a young mother trying to raise three children in less than perfect circumstances.  You always had time to play with us and we seemed to grow up together.  You made sure we had the basics of what we needed, but I know you also sacrificed much to give us what we wanted if you could.  You were always there for us and you still are.  We call and you drop whatever you are doing and come running.  I admire you in many ways that I never tell you.  You rise before the sun comes up, take a walk, read your devotions and write in your journal, dress and put on your makeup and jewelry and get ready for the day.  You love people and are at your best when someone is in need.  You love to travel and have been to just about every state in the United States.  You parasailed on your 70th birthday.  You have been brave and courageous in dealing with your leukemia over the past years.  You love us unconditionally and we are so blessed to still have you with us.  Even though you are 78 years old today, we still see you as a young person.  We thank God for you.  We love you and wish you a very Happy Birthday!

This tribute was originally written  to celebrate mom on Mother’s Day in May 2013.  My sister stood in the pulpit of our little country church and read it out loud to the congregation including mom who was present that day.  The tribute has been edited for this special occasion.

4 thoughts on “A Tribute to Mom…by my sister Nell

  1. Such beautiful words to pay tribute to a deserving Mother who’s journey was not always easy but the investment in her love of all that was hers was priceless. Love my wise girl friend !!

  2. Great job Nell! Yes, I was there that Mother’s Day – very touching and you can’t hear this type of message enough. Beautiful Lady – your Mom!

  3. Beautiful words, Nell for a very special mother! Happy 78th birthday to a mother who raised 2 wonderful daughters! (I’m sure your brother is wonderful, too – but I don’t know him!)

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