Life Simple’s 90 Day Challenge


Last week I posted the following on my personal Facebook page and several of my friends “liked” it…but I only received one e-mail accepting the challenge and expressing what their personal goal or challenge would be. So I’m not sure if my 15 friends “liked” the idea of a challenge or wanted to accept the challenge. Here is a copy of my June 24th post.

Hey guys! Do any of you have goals that you are trying to achieve but need a little extra encouragement and support to help you get there? If so, I would like to invite you to join me in a 90 Day Challenge. My goal is to lose a few pounds and to look my best for my son’s wedding celebration which takes place exactly 3 months from today. Your personal goal or challenge can be anything…pursuing a dream, simplifying your life, saving money, paying off a debt, finding a new job, breaking a bad habit, developing a healthier lifestyle, whatever! If you’d like to join in, please go to my website at and shoot me a private e-mail (top right corner) letting me know what goal you’d like to pursue. With encouragement and accountability we can get there!!

I’ve realized from personal experience that it’s difficult to go it alone.  Team work makes the dream work and it also increases our odds of achieving success.  Without getting into a lot of detail in this post, food is my nemesis.  It has always been my friend and my foe.  Carrying excess weight affects the quality of my life in so many ways. I’m single and I still want to mingle but the excess weight and lack of confidence holds me back.  I sit all day at the office and when I get home in the evenings I can easily spend hours on the computer doing the same thing!  This is not good.   I’ve heard it said that sitting is the new smoking when it comes to your health and that is another motivation for my challenge; a healthier lifestyle.  I have already purchased the dress that I intend to wear to my son’s wedding; I’ve actually purchased the same dress twice!  The first time I ordered a size smaller than I currently wear to motivate me to lose the weight I needed to fit into it.  Low and behold the smaller size that I ordered fit so I returned it to the store and swapped it for the next smaller size.  This one fits also but it offers more of the challenge that I was going for because it’s a bit snug but with a little hard work and dedication, it can happen.  I am determined that this dress is going to be the one!  The dress is currently hanging on my bedroom door (not in the closet) so that I can see it everyday as a constant reminder to me of the reason why I’m doing this.

So how do I intend to reach my goal and look “sexy” in the little black dress?  I plan on tracking my food, eating lots of fruits and veggies and healthy carbs, controlling my portion size and walking at least 10k steps per day (5 miles) whenever possible.  I will supplement my walking with fun activities like dancing and riding my bike and I’ll tone up my arms by using weights.

Please join me in the fun!  You can either comment on this post and others can join in the conversation or you can private message me in the top right corner of my website where it says “90 Day Challenge” and no one can see your goal or commitment except me.  We can start a dialog, encourage one another, walk it out and talk it out…your very own personal coach for free!  Remember your goal or challenge can be anything.  The one person that has responded so far wants to improve the quality of their prayer life and to worry less.  That’s a good one!   Its 4th of July weekend….let’s celebrate our independence…we can do this!!   


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