Weight Watchers, Oprah & Me


Like so many others, I too have mixed feelings about Oprah being the new spokesperson for Weight Watchers.  I love Oprah and I believe that Weight Watchers is probably one of the best weight loss programs out there, but I thought Bob Green was her guy!  I read all of his books numerous times; I even bought copies for my friends because I was so inspired and now Weight Watchers!  I’m confused.  Why didn’t Oprah just join Weight Watchers to begin with?  If Weight Watchers was in financial trouble, I’m glad that Oprah was willing to help them out because I do know people that have been successful in the program; well at least one who’s not famous anyway.  Regardless I’m still grappling with Oprah being the new spokesperson for Weight Watchers.  Could this be her final weight loss frontier?

I have to admit that being able to eat anything I want and still lose weight is very appealing.  I’ve even lost a few pounds myself in Weight Watchers but guess what?  They’re back…. Unfortunately an “eat anything you want” program doesn’t work very well for people like me who are addicted to food in general and especially sugar.  If a program gives me “permission” to eat anything that I want, I would much rather eat a whole package of Skinny Cows for dinner than real food.  By the way, the round Skinny Cows used to have 2 points per serving before Weight Watchers changed the point’s value of some foods.  Yes, I would gladly give up 12 of my daily points allowance to be able to eat desserts then I could make up the difference with lots of “0” point fruits and veggies!  How is that for a “smart choice” weight loss mentality; pretty crazy, huh?  The whole diet and weight loss business is maddening!  I guess the hardest part for many of us to still come to terms with is the fact that diets of any kind don’t work but that wise choices and a healthy lifestyle can.  In the past I’ve consoled myself by saying “if Oprah with all of her billions and resources can’t “fix” fat, then there must be more to the complex problem of obesity and weight loss than we realize”.  

The following article written by Caissie St. Onge inspired me to throw away my food journals that I have been keeping for years as well as my Weight Watchers material that I have been pulling in and out of the drawer for years also. I’m tired of dragging this ball and chain around!  I’m not throwing in the towel on weight loss and getting healthy by any means but maybe it’s time to figure out Plan B.  Like many other people right now with spring just around the corner, I would like to lose some weight so that I can feel better and look my best.  In my next blog on this subject, I’ll share with you what “my Plan B” is going to be moving forward.  In the meantime, please check out Caissie’s article and let me know what you think.








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