God Stories…


I have a ton of them and I love to enthusiastically share them with the people in my life.  They are my witness along with my trusty little God jar. 


God stories are about my adventures in faith and about my personal relationship with God.  For me a God story is like any other story that we share about the people, places and things in our lives that are important to us.  Sometimes my God stories are about my awareness of His presence in my day to day life.  Sometimes they are about how God has blessed me in some way, usually in the form of provision or an answered prayer.  Sometimes they are about people or situations that He has placed in my life for a reason and the fact that I get that. I think I am fortunate to have learned at an early age “which star to hitch my wagon to”.  Rarely do I consider my blessings to be a result of any kind of luck.  I give God all of the credit for the good things that happen in my life.

The God story that I wish to share now is about God’s grace and mercy during the storm that we had last weekend.  In the area where I live, we had strong winds and rain as opposed to a lot of snow.  The wind gusts at times probably exceeded 50 mph.  I was alone and needless to say I was afraid.  My neighborhood has a lot of tall trees and I was fearful that one of them would fall on my house during the night.  That actually happened years ago before I moved in.  Below is a picture of my nemesis.  It is a very tall top heavy pine tree that is leaning somewhat in my direction.  As I went to bed that night I could hear the wind gusts moving debris all around outside.  I prayed for God’s protection and was finally able to fall asleep.  The next morning when I looked out my window, I was shocked to discover that the wind had blown a giant section of my neighbor’s privacy fence down and it was laying in my yard.  It had also ripped some outdoor lighting away from the side of my house which is right outside my bedroom window.  Believe it or not, I slept through it all; never hearing a thing.  What amazed me the most about this situation was, I had unsecured furniture and other items on my deck that never moved including a brown paper bag full of pine cones that remained in the same spot where I had left it.  Was I lucky?  Maybe I was but I choose to believe that it was God’s grace, protection and answer to my simple prayer.  Do you have any God stories from the storm?  If so, please feel free to share. 




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