The Gift of Transparency


I’ve suffered from a bit of writer’s block lately.  The primary reason for this is because in order for me to continue on this blogging journey that I began several months ago, I must go deeper and share more of my personal life experiences with you.  This is scary for me because I still struggle with being a people pleaser at times.  I want my audience to like me and to like what I write; to not judge me and to share my blogs with others so that I can continue to grow.  My dream is to someday write a book or to at least monetize my blog.  Sometimes my perception of my audience is that all of you guys are “perfect” and living “perfect lives” with the exception of me.  I’m anxious about some of the topics that I would like to write about; again fear of people and of being judged.   Some people call it airing your dirty laundry.  Others may call it putting your business in the street.  Some people call it telling your story.  Others call it confession.  Some people call it the truth. Last week I was listening to a sermon by Joyce Meyer and she referred to it as the “gift of transparency”.  Transparency is when you are willing to let your walls down, to come out from behind the mask, to allow yourself to be vulnerable and real.  My reason for wanting to do this of course is to help and encourage others who are going through similar situations.   One of the topics that I will blog about more in depth is my unhealthy relationship with food, especially sugar.  Several years ago I spent over a decade walking the twelve steps of Overeaters Anonymous in an attempt to understand what that relationship is all about.  There are still things from my childhood that I would like to share as well as stories about that thing called love that I’ve had a little bit of experience with.  These are the types of subjects that I would like to write more about in the future.  Maybe I should throw caution to the wind and just write!  I still find myself over thinking things.  My goal is to continue writing fun, relatable material that will hopefully start a dialogue, open minds and provide hope, inspiration and encouragement to others.  I believe that God has gifted me with a unique writing style and a quirky sense of humor.  I also believe that this is His purpose for me at this stage of my life.  When I read back over some of the blogs that I have written so far, I don’t even recognize my own writing.  That’s how I know that God is with me in this.  It is only when I leave Him out of the equation and try to go it alone that the writing gets tough and the words no longer flow.  God has given me everything that I need to succeed.  I read something in my devotions recently that said “when the door of opportunity opens, let your faith walk you through it”.  My goal is to continue to do just that, shaky legs and all.  God bless all of you and thank you for reading. 








2 thoughts on “The Gift of Transparency

  1. I KNOW that at 4:29 am while I am trying to get my baby back to sleep I was supposed to read THIS. I was supposed to even hear THIS particular song you chose. ALL of it! No accident. Wow, you better believe God means for you to do this. And,check your messages on facebook, I am going to write you even more. Thank you.

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