The Guy in My Inbox


There is a scripture in James 4, verse 2 that says “you have not because you ask not”.  Why is it so difficult for us to ask for what we want or need?  It could be pride or an independent spirit.  Some of us may feel that we’re undeserving of certain things, especially the good stuff.  Sometimes we don’t want to bother people because everyone is so busy.  Maybe we’ve experienced a lot of rejection in our life and we tell ourselves what’s the use anyway?  Or maybe we’re hoping that someone will read our minds and we won’t even have to ask.  It could be that we’re embarrassed to share our dreams with others for fear of being laughed at.  I’ve always wanted to write a book or to become a motivational speaker or to be a counselor or a coach.  In 2012 I had a vision to start a blog.  I believe it was around the time that the movie Julie & Julia came out where the main character cooked like Julia Childs and blogged about it everyday.  I decided to watch a lot of YouTube videos on blogging to see if I could figure it out.  After all, the video said that you could have a blog up and running in 20 minutes!   I made a little progress; I actually created a website but I didn’t have a clue as to how to blog on it. I became frustrated, quit and walked away.  I kept wishing that someone would offer to help me with the technology aspect of it, but I wouldn’t ask. That was almost 3 years ago.  Every day that I ignored the desires of my heart, I became more and more frustrated.  I knew that I was selling out and settling for less than I deserved.  We have a neighborhood website where people post all kinds of things. I came home from work a few weeks ago and decided to post a message asking for blogging help.  It was SO difficult for me to push that send button!  Shortly afterwards I had several responses; most of them fee based, but I couldn’t afford to hire anyone.  And then “the one” response came back that is literally changing my life.  The responder said “that he was more than willing to help out a neighbor”.  I owe everything that I am doing today to this person.  He has his own life and family but he is willing to help me in the evenings for free.  He’s brilliant!  He’s a V.P. of technology with a kind heart and a desire to give back.  I know that God sent him to help me because I finally had the courage to ask.  So, is there anything today that you need to ask for?  You may be wowed at the outcome!

2 thoughts on “The Guy in My Inbox

  1. Very true! I started a blog after I retired from teaching 3 years ago. It’s been a while since I have written anything in it, but maybe you have inspired me to start it up again! I got busy painting and enjoying my granddaughter and just let it go. It’s therapy and you never know who you might reach or help. So, thanks for getting me to start thinking about my blog again! 🙂 Will keep you posted…..

    1. Jayne, I hope you will start it up again. I would love to read it. You are right in that I never realized how therapeutic it could be! In the meantime keep painting and enjoying that precious granddaughter.

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